What are the different types of honey?

Types of honey that we make throughout the year include Wild Flower, Orange Blossom, Saw Palm, Cabbage Palm, Tupelo, Gallberry and Holly. The different nectar that the bees collect makes the honey taste different.

What is honey?

Honey is nectar that the bees have condensed by evaporating moisture out of it.

Does honey have sugar in it?

Honey IS sugar. Honey is less than %18 water, it is a natural form of sugar.

Does honey have an expiration date?

Honey never goes bad. The bees make honey to store in their hive for winter.

Why is my honey solid/crystalized?

The pollen particles in honey allow for the sugars to crystalize. You can liquefy your honey by applying a little heat, set the container in hot water in the sink or outside in the sun.